Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pulling Power #8

The romantics are out.

And love is their drug.

Keep 'em coming guys - send your chat up lines to Pulling Power at

Do you have any better than this???


Custard said...

hilarious! I didn't know whether to laugh or be sick at some of those! Who do these actually work on???

Sophie Regan said...

Ha ha ha!

Yes! You'd wonder, wouldn't you. The thing is, I've learned, through listening to chat up lines, that the success lies entirely in the delivery!

The most awful guy can really make me laugh with a witty and well delivered line - and I think if Brad Pitt tried to hit on me with a real flimsy and pathetic line, I'd probably look at him with contempt..


But it sounds good, doesn't it??

Do you have any good or gross chat up lines?
And would ANY of these work on you?

Custard said...

I don't know as they would. I am one of those fortunate/unfortunate people who has never had to experience someone trying a chat up line on me - not (although I did get asked out once via my boss, which was quite a scary thing...). Probably will also sound contraversially old fashioned by saying that, as a woman, I don't do chat up lines :P

Sophie Regan said...

OK - so if you KNEW it was a chat up line - then you'd be wary. But what would it take for a guy to say to get you interested. Some of the men I've spoken to claim to 'simply ask the woman questions about herself' which flatters us women (apparantly!) and makes us feel good about ourselves - hence we like the guy asking.

But if we knew that these questions were simply a preamble to their wicked plan ;) to get us into bed, then we'd be offended and annoyed.

So there's still some element of 'skill' in a guy getting a woman to talk and not see their ulterior motives.
Would YOU know???
And how?

Christy said...

I must admit I am flattered when a guy tries to chat up. Though, as you say, it really does depend on the delivery. If I see him doing it to every woman in the room then I don't feel special. AND, if he says it thinking that his words manipulate then no way. But if he does it to have fun, and to just let me know he thinks I'm great...then I'm OK with it. The genuine ones resonate with me the most. Simple ones like 'you've got beautiful eyes' or 'great smile'. Or maybe I'm just reminising about the good ol days...

Sophie Regan said...

Hey - don't knock the good ol days!

I agree though - if you think that a guy is working the room, then it kind of knocks the impact from it all.

The most amazing thing is - there are so many of these chat up lines coming in!

Feel free to keep sending them & thanks for your comments!