Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chapter Twenty Four - Does One Date Break My Promise?

It was strange for Ade. His mobile relentlessly bleeped and buzzed with new text messages – and yet it was starting to bore him. His mail box was loaded with messages from women, accompanied by their pouty photos and cheeky online names. He was confused by his sudden shift in opinion. Whereas once all the female attention was an ego boost and fodder for Ade Gets Laid, it now seemed fake and a little sad and lonely. It was fun, striking up a conversation with a photograph and watching a personality unravel, but always led to sexy banter and innuendo which then culminated in either a quick impersonable lay, or fizzled out as each of them moved on to yet another mugshot. He felt uncomfortable with the Sophie situation. There was something about her that set her aside from his usual Ade Gets Laid women. She had a little something extra about her and he liked it. She didn’t only look great, but he liked her attitude. He’d been reading the Relationship Rehab column and it had made him feel slightly guilty about his dating etiquette, he liked her style. He was jerked back to reality by Trevor, slapping him on the shoulder as he passed his desk.

“Hey mate? You dozing off there?”

“No,” Ade faked a laugh, pondering whether to say something or not. He went ahead, “Actually mate, I need to say something to you.”

“Fire!” Trevor’s cheeks were plumped out as his mouth was stuffed with a Subway Cheese & Pickle roll. Ade noticed fragments of bread spray onto a pile of papers.

“It’s this Sophie Regan thing. I think you’re out of order mate, to be honest.”

“You do?” Trevor continued to talk with his mouth overspilling, “Why?”

“Well, it’s not your patch, is it? The Ade Gets Laid thing? You know that’s why I was targeting her. So why have you stepped in on this one, and none of the others? How are you suddenly so interested?”

Trevor laughed, swallowed his food and took another huge bite before replying, “You’ve fucked up, mate. Big time. The thing is; I’ve been honest with her. Which is more than you have, dude. I mean, she knows I work for Geezer. What did you say? Some Accountancy or Financing magazine?” He laughed, throwing his head back as he gorged on the last of the crusty roll. “What a load of shit, Ade. She’ll never go for you now.”

“OK, but what’s your interest then, mate?”

Trevor looked at him for the first time since the conversation started, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. He smiled,

“You really don’t get it, do you?”

Ade shrugged and raised his eyebrows.

“The way this Sophie bird is going? The first guy to make her break her ridiculous I’m-gonna-be-single-for-a-year project? He’ll be one of the hottest dudes of the year? I mean,” he snorted, “what kind of sad cow chooses to stay single? I’ll change her. I converted a lesbian once, you know?”

“Fuck off, Trev.”

He grinned, “Serious! I did. She was gagging for a bit of cock after I’d shown her how to use it properly.”

Ade shook his head in disgust. With morons like Trevor Malone in the world, he could understand why decent women like Sophie chose to stay single! He pushed his chair back, needing to get away from him for a while. Trevor called after him, addressing his back,

“Hey! And I’m meeting her this afternoon too.”

Ade refused to turn around, continuing to walk away. Trev shouted,

“We’re both interviewing at the Dorchester! Bet I get her to go out with me this weekend!”


I’m confused. I’m trawling through these comments on my site and some of the guys have sent photographs of themselves! Talk about hot! There are some beautiful faces – men and women – on here and their comments are warm and enthusiastic. There are some derogatory and negative comments too – but that’s to be expected I suppose. From the last 50 comments that I’ve read, 22 have asked to take me out on a date, wanting to talk to me about my reasons for staying single and, get this, certain that they can change my mind! So how to sift the dross from the diamonds? The potential here for liars is huge! And would a date mean that I’m breaking my promise to stay single?

It’s 1pm and my cab is due in half an hour. I’m excited about interviewing Paul Ashkuri and have researched his previous movies and have been Googling him for the best part of the week. Hopefully, my research is thorough – and some of my questions will surprise him.

I’m tidying my desk, ready to shutdown my computer when I notice that Delaney has sent me an email.

RE: Singles Nights

Maria Delaney

To: Sophie Regan

Sophie – I’d like you to check out this singletons quiz night in Lambeth next week. I’ve attached the pdf file for you to get info from. It will tie in nicely with your Rel Rehab feature. Also, please check out singles holidays – availability and popularity of. Might have to get you on one of those in a few weeks time! Let me know what you think about the comments to the website too.

Good luck with the Ashkuri interview. Don’t forget to mention how Woman To Woman are at the cutting edge of contemporary woman’s issues.


Maria Delaney


Woman To Woman


I shutdown and lock my desk. I’ve got about 10 minutes before the cab is due and so I nip into the loos and make sure that I look good for Paul Ashkuri. As I look in the mirror and apply my lipstick I can’t help wondering about those great looking men on the site! Should I reply to them? And then I realise a whole new dilemma. Would dating a guy mean that I’ve broken my promise? Would sleeping with a guy mean that? Or is it OK to have a one night stand? Is the concept of staying single dependent on the intention not to get involved with a guy emotionally?

Now I’m really confused.

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