Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sophie Dilemma #1

OK - firstly I must apologise for the wait.

Ross and Darren took ages editing this video and now they have it ready for you all to see.

The issue is - WHAT DO I DO NEXT?

Do I go with Ade in his helicopter? Or should I refuse, on the grounds that he hurt me so badly before??

Talk about a dilemma!

I think Delaney had only agreed to this whole 'Sophie Dilemma' idea on the basis that you were all going to help me decide whether to see the guy again? Not whether I should be whisked away for a night of romance in a private helicopter!!!

Anyway, I'm having a few problems loading it to, so for now, and without further ado, please look at this short film, and then PLEASE help me decide what happens next??

Comments welcome - PLEASE!

Chapter Sixty One
Chapter Sixty Two