Friday, May 18, 2007

Chapter Twenty Five - Celebrity Bed Fodder? Me?

Ade couldn’t get Trevor’s words out of his head; ‘bet I get her to go out with me this weekend’. Ade couldn’t let that happen. He couldn’t take the chance on Trevor revealing his true identity as Adrian Ford aka Ade Gets Laid. Not only that – he didn’t like the idea of Sophie being used by him. He spent a few minutes skulking by the water cooler before walking back toward Trevor. He hated himself for what he was about to do, but went ahead anyway and sat on the edge of Trevor’s desk,

“Two hundred quid says I get Sophie before you do.”

Trev clapped his hands and laughed before stretching out his large hand and shaking Ade’s,

“Candy from a baby, dude.”


I tell you what - The Dorchester was awesome. I’m lying on my sofa in my underwear, the cool breeze buffeting my curtains and washing over my bare skin. I arrived home slightly hot and bothered and my head is spinning! I just can’t believe what happened there this afternoon! Simply getting out of the cab onto Park Lane made me feel great and I willed my legs to remain straight and to not show that my knees were shaking as I breezed through the revolving doors at the entrance. I made my way toward Ashkuri’s suite and sat obediently on one of the seats in a row, checking my watch and reading through my notes, along with another 4 journalists. I had 10 minutes before my interview time and was determined to be prepared. Paul Ashkuri was charm personified. He’d flown in from Miami last night and, according to the journalists that went in, and then out, before me – he’d been tired. It was made a little tougher in the knowledge that AJ would have killed for this interview – I wanted to get answers to questions that no other journo would think of! Prepared to the max, I was on a mission to make the most of my paltry 5 minutes. But I wasn’t expecting the reaction that I’d got!

I had tiptoed into the executive suite – which was bigger than my entire house – and sank immediately knee-deep into the carpet. Ashkuri looked fabulous; the combo of his South London attitude with a Californian tan was knockout. My shaky knees buckled when he’d turned to face me and spoke,


He was gorgeous in a Jonny Lee Miller kind of way – relaxed and chilled out whilst also being polite and charming. I had quaked and lowered myself into an enormous leather armchair, my note pad resting on my lap. I noticed him check out my legs appreciatively, and by the time his gaze had reached my face it was significantly redder than usual. I had struggled to begin with my questions, but he’d unnerved me by shifting in his chair to face me, leaning forward and smiling as he’d stared at me.

“OK, em, Paul, em Mr Ashkuri,” I hadn’t been able to concentrate! He had been scanning my scarlet face, a mischievous dance in his eyes as he soaked in the entire ‘look’ of me. I forced myself to get started, “right, how do you feel now about your career? Had you anticipated this meteoric rise to stardom?” He’d continued to smile at me. God, at that rate you’d think he’d fancied me or something?

“Mr Ashkuri?”

His accent had been broad and a little rough, but knicker-melting too,

“Call me Paul.”

“Right. OK, so I have the usual notes on your career to date, so how about a few different ones?”

He leaned forward and rubbed my arm,

“Go on,”

“Right,” I know that I kept nervously clearing my throat, “So, in your latest movie Keira Knightley is your leading lady. If you could choose a leading lady in your real life, who would she be? What kind of woman do you go for?”

I sat, pen poised for his answer.


I looked up, wondering who he was talking to. He continued to stare at me, smiling.




Then he had reached out and had taken my hand gently. I’d been certain that he could feel it tingling as I could.

“You’re gorgeous. Please. Come out with me tomorrow night.”

“Pardon?” I hadn’t believed what I was hearing.

“Serious. I’ll send a car to collect you at 8.” Then he’d slid the pen from my hand, slipping the notepad from my lap,

“So?” he’d smiled as my heart had banged in my chest, “your address?”

Crazy as it sounds now, I just sat there and blurted my address and telephone number. I wasn’t sure whether I’d felt sick or overwhelmed with lust – but something had been going on – and still was, 2 hours later! Whatever about the 5 minute interview curfew, I had sat in his suite in The Dorchester for over 20 minutes and he’d been fantastic; telling me everything I needed and a whole lot more. Then, as I’d floated out of the hotel, I bumped straight into Geezer magazine’s Trevor.

I think he’d been waiting for me – weird as that sounds. He’d whipped out a deep red rose from behind his back and handed it to me, “How did the Ashkuri interview go? Summer Lawson was great.” And he’d looked to the floor as he’d added, “Not as cute as you, though.”

Which is why, when I finally arrived home, I had to strip off and lay in the cool breeze. I had to lose the confines of the day in order for my head to relax and think, think, think! Trevor Malone handed me his business card with GEEZER emblazoned across the front of it. I still don’t believe it, but he went on to ask me out for dinner tonight! When I told him that I was busy he looked disappointed, pulling out his mobile and asking if I was free tomorrow night. I didn’t tell him that Paul Ashkuri was hoping to take me out tomorrow night –as I still didn’t quite believe it myself. I was already wondering how many more of the female journalists he’d hit on with his disarming interview style and request to add to his address book.

My head is in an excited spin.

And I’m feeling rather sexy right now.


Rob raised his hand and wiped his wet face, smearing more oil across his sweating forehead. He wished he worked in one of those garages on the television – the ones like on EastEnders or Coronation Street where they never get dirty and spend a few minutes tinkering under a bonnet when somebody arrives with a more pressing dilemma – working under bonnet of car again. Since starting up on his own he’d been inundated with work and knew he shouldn’t complain, but it was another Friday evening and he was nowhere near finished. He’d enjoyed spending time with Sophie last week and it made him realise how non-existent his social life was. Tam was always moaning at him to take more time off for him, but it was easy for her to say. He was trying to build a business and letting clients down or turning cars away wasn’t the way forward.

Tam mentioned that Sophie had been on the television during the week and he’d been disappointed to miss it, although his sister had recorded the interview. Digging into his overalls pocket for his mobile he unlocked the keypad and texted Tamsin,


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Chapter Twenty Six


Kristin said...

This reminds me of an episode of 30 Rock called "The Head and the Hair" where a really good looking guy asks out Tina Fey and she keeps saying "what?" "why?" like she couldn't believe it either. It's a great show, you might not have seen it being in the UK, but all the episodes of the first season are online now.

Kristin said...

I meant to give you the link for that: The Head and the Hair. The scene I'm talking about is in Part One.

Sophie Regan said...

Oh Kristin

I really want to see this now!! And when I click on your link it says that I can't view it from this location??

I'll have to try and dig it out somewhere else. Isn't it weird though - and it's something that always has baffled me. Most of us are somehow aware of who is TOO good looking for us! (Or too rough for us!!) But how do we know???? Really makes me laugh every time I try and figure it!

Maybe we should just have more confidence eh??

If I find a link that I can view then I'll incorporate it into the story! That would be brilliant!!

Thank you...


Kristin said...

Oh that's a shame you can't see it. Liz (Tina Fey) and her better looking friend Jenna keep running into these 2 MSNBC execs in the elevator who they call the Head (balding, slightly odd) and the Hair (gorgeous, very cool). Liz decides to ask out the Head since he seems harmless and she considers herself a "Head" (while her friend Jenna would be a "Hair") but when she goes up to their floor, she runs into the Head first and he asks her out.

I'll give you the pertinent dialogue between Gray (the Head) and Liz:

Liz: Why were you trying to find my extension?
Gray: I have a friend who's opening up a new restaurant in SoHo and I was hoping that you'd go with me.
Liz: What?
Gray: Do you want to go out with me tonight?
Liz: ...why?
Gray: Because it would be fun. And you seem cool.
Liz: ...what?

Sophie Regan said...

Oh Kristin, it sounds excellent! And I love the names The Head and The Hair - can really relate to that with some guys I know.

And the 'what', 'why' questions? I had a friend who, whenever she was put into a tight corner with a guy, and he'd say something really romantic like, "I really want to kiss you," she'd panic and say 'WHY?' or 'WHAT FOR?'

She knew that she was being an idiot, but just didn't know how to close her eyes and go for the moment!...

I'm going to keep tracking down The Head and the Hair and see whether I can find a clip of it somewhere!

Love these little snippets!!


Kristin said...

A subplot of the whole show is how romantically inept a heroine Liz Lemon is. I love it, I can totally relate, haha.

Sophie Regan said...

romantically inept?

sure it wasn't me??