Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Second Life or First Life??

Bored of your first life? Come and try a Second Life!

So far we've met in
The Blarney Stone and Sappho's Garden.

Today we'll be meeting up at Artropolis at 9pm UK time (co-ordinates 69,122,25).

Find me at SophieRegan Jewell and I'll teleport you there if you're not sure! Come and have a tr
y - it's a bit weird at first, but it's fun too! (no - honest, it is!)

Don't have Second Life - download it! It's FREE at

Here's a photo of Artropolis to get you in the mood.


Custard said...

I'm a bit unsure about second life... what do you do there? Do we just chat ? It sounds like Sophie's first life is definitely full enough - very brave to venture for a second one!

Sophie Regan said...

Hi Custard

Hmmm, Second Life.... Yes - my initial thoughts were the same. Second Life? I didn't have time for my First Life! (or Real Life, (RL) as they say).

But it's all rather fun and a little addictive too. Download this virtual world for free at - you choose a user name and given an avatar (cartoon character) - which you then personalise to look exactly how you like!

It's great meeting new people in Second Life - and everybody there is really friendly and willing to help out.

Give it a try - we meet every Wednesday at 9pm UK time.

Would be great to see some new faces!

If you have any questions or queries don't hesitate to throw them this way - would be great to see you there!!!