Sunday, April 22, 2007

Disastrous Dates

We've all had them. Those horrendous moments - those few hours that pass like an eternity, or the cringe-worthy outfit/man/breath that turn you green as you nip to the loo and text your friend, begging her to ring you with an 'emergency'.

So here's where they're going to feature. I'll kick off with one of my disastrous dates and then leave it open for you to feel free to add your own.

Wonder how many we'll conjure up, between us?


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Caroline Quinn said...

I once went out with a guy who was a photographer. But he was always harping on about these gorgeous models that he worked withall the time. It really gave me a complex and i felt second best the whole time. And then, after about 5 months I found out from a friend of a friend that he was a photographers assistant (which meant he carried around about 5 cameras and tons of equipment while he learned the ropes) and they both worked for an architectural company and photographed houses for their in house magazine.
Needless to say I dumped him!