Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chat up lines #1

5 witty chat up lines

- Hi, I'm a meteorologist, and I've been admiring your warm front.

- I'm like quick-drying cement; after I've been laid it doesn't take me long to get hard.

- Hi, I'm here on a computer date. But the computer hasn't shown up.

- Hi, I'm from Wonderbra. We're conducting free spot-checks to make sure our customers are wearing the right size bra. Just breathe in, and then relax, breathe out slowly once my hands are in place....

- Have you got any Irish in you? Would you like some???

OK - so pretty cheesy but I can confess to having had 3 of these lines used on me. Yes, I know they're hideous - but would they work for you? HAVE they worked for you? I suppose that would depend on who was saying it to you - Shane McGowan wouldn't have the same impact as, say, Brad Pitt - but generally, given your average guy - would these make you giggle or puke?


sophie said...

more to come......
and they get worse!

Anonymous said...

OK - so how about this one,
a good looking guy with a puzzled look on his face stops as he's walking past you and asks,
"What does Nescafe make?"
so you help out by saying,
and then he grins and asks,
"OK, your place or mine?"

Anonymous said...

I think the success of a good chat up line lies entirely with the way it's delivered. Everyone knows they're cheesy - but if it's a great looking guy with a twinkle in his eye - then a good chat up line can certainly make me smile.

Best one? I'd love to make you breakfast in bed

Worst one? I've got 12, no 14 inches for you.
I was nearly sick.