Monday, April 23, 2007

Sophie's Calendar

New chapters - loaded here daily or sent direct to your inbox daily - email Sophie if you'd like this

Podcasts - listen to a podcast of the weeks story - freshly uploaded every Sunday (just perfect for listening to on your iPod on the way to work Monday)

Pulling Power - mini documentaries about chat up lines and dumping lines freshly loaded twice weekly - check the links on the blog every Monday and Thursday (I'm testing these out to stream from YouTube, but would like to see how that works - might have to change it)

Second Life - meet Sophie in Second Life every Wednesday night at 9pm. Details of venue to follow.... (to commence wed 2 may)

Dilemma? - look for the alerts to go to to watch a video of a scenario that Sophie finds herself in - and then YOU, the reader, will forecast what she decides to do.


Claire Johnson said...

I never used Second Life before. Where do I find it and how do I get into it?

Do I need to spend hours learning how to do it?

Tell me more about this Sophie. I'm interested in coming along to meet you.


Sophie Regan said...


I was disappointed not to see you in Second Life last Wednesday. It's a short learning curve - try and that's where you join.

You choose a name and you're done!! Then it's just a matter of exploring! People are very helpful, I find - so get 'chatting' to somebody and ask them some questions about where's the best places to go.

Will I see you this Wednesday??