Saturday, April 28, 2007

Send your videos to Sophie

Why not send in your videos of chat up lines or reasons for being dumped?

The best (and worst!) ones will feature in the Pulling Power mini documentaries - which will be published as a full length feature at the end of the story - and will feature in Sophie's story. There are hundreds of cliche'd lines out there, but there are also loads of really funny and original techniques too!

Email them to - video them from your mobile, send them as MP3 voice recorded messages, or through any other format that suits you!

Can't wait to see them - so get recording!


Claire Johnson said...


Can I send you an mpeg video that I recorded on my mobile?

It's a great one that a friend said last night when we were talking about chat up lines.

Do you have a Staying Single SMS number that I can send it to?


Sophie Regan said...


That would be great! Thank you. Please email me at and I can give you the SMS number to send your clip too.

Anyone else want to record their own chat up lines? or dumping stories?

C'mon - don't be shy.