Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sophie Dilemma #1

OK - firstly I must apologise for the wait.

Ross and Darren took ages editing this video and now they have it ready for you all to see.

The issue is - WHAT DO I DO NEXT?

Do I go with Ade in his helicopter? Or should I refuse, on the grounds that he hurt me so badly before??

Talk about a dilemma!

I think Delaney had only agreed to this whole 'Sophie Dilemma' idea on the basis that you were all going to help me decide whether to see the guy again? Not whether I should be whisked away for a night of romance in a private helicopter!!!

Anyway, I'm having a few problems loading it to, so for now, and without further ado, please look at this short film, and then PLEASE help me decide what happens next??

Comments welcome - PLEASE!

Chapter Sixty One
Chapter Sixty Two


martina williams said...

OMG moments or what??? I just left a comment at too. I know you're going to load the film there, but you're having problems, right? Anyway, cut to the chase. Firstly you MUST go with Ade in the helicopter!! It sounds SO romantic! And secondly, even I got a little twinge of butterflies when I saw you 2 dancing together. He is so romantic and I reckon you 2 could really be good together. That's a big gesture he made tonight and I think you should give him the benefit of the doubt. After all you don't have to sleep with him - just enjoy him pampering you and make the most of the attention!

Ohhhh, I SO hope everybody else agrees with me!

You gotta go for this one Sophie!

I can't wait to see what you decide to do!

This storyline is fab!!!!!!!!!!

lucy carson said...

i have to leave a comment here too. i already said on sophiedilemma site that i think you should go 4 it. you have nothing to lose and just cuz u've been hurt you musn't get a hard heart.
don't let guys do that to you.
you'll get wrinkles.
lots of them.
if it was me then i'd go 4 it - martina is right, why not have some pampering? let him make a fuss of you.
you don't have to do anything you don't want to, so what is there to lose?
do it!

joanna b said...

I don't think you should go. He let you down before and i think you will look materialistic and cheap if you go with him. Just cos he's hired a private helicopter - who does he think he is? P Diddy? I'd make a real polite reply of a thanks but no thanks. Lets see how he handles THAT.

rosie attridge said...

I left my comment on Sophie Dilemma. But basically i think you need to think about what you want the cameras to see, and what the rest of the world will think of you.
i dunno what i'd do.

Good Luck!

sarah williams said...

Just go with him.

You've been nuts about him for ages and you were only so pissed off with him because you liked him so much.

If you don't go you could end up regretting it forever.

claire stevenson said...

What you waiting for!

I wish someone would do this for me. especially at christmas.

helicopter over london at night AND at xmas?

you're nuts if you don't go.

Sandra Thomson said...

I would certainly go with him. He does something to you inside and he's offering you a dream date.

For now, all the analysis would go out of the window. As they say in the adverts - Just Do It.

charley b said...

I can't figure out whether he's genuine or not. You've had a great evening with him but remember that it's all been for the cameras. I don't think you should allow yourself to get sucked in too quickly by all of this. Have some fun, but don't give your heart (or your body!) too quickly.
He IS a man, after all.

Leigh Sayward said...

I love this film. What a fabulous idea.
Anyway, in my opinion you need to quickly but carefully weigh this up. I mean how tempted will you be by him when you're alone together, just the 2 of you? Will you be able to hold yourself back? Do you want to hold yourself back? Only a couple of weeks ago you hated adrian ford - so think about this and dont get too caught up in the moment.
i can't wait to see what your'e gonna do.

alice ryder said...

I already said this on sophiedilemma but have to say it again.
go for it. shag the arse off him and be the top dog.
and have a hard heart sophie - becuase that's the only way you won't get hurt.
trust me.
toughen up and get what you want.
doormats are SO last year.

Sophie Regan said...

Thank you so much for your advice.

This was such a tough one for me to choose on - and your comments, both here and on have really helped me to take the plunge.

But what happened next?

You just have to read on and see....

thanks again guys, look out for my 2nd dilemma in a couple of days time.