Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm giving a talk in Second Life - Wednesday 9pm GMT

I've been away from Second Life for a while - it was the singles holiday in Gran Canaria that started it off, and then since I've been back it's all been a rollercoaster of craziness - what with Ade and Rob and now the new Sophie Dilemma situation AND the impending Richard & Judy appearance!

I have met with the fabulous (and Queen of SL) Lythe Witte many times and if you want to get to know about the escapism of SL, then join us tomorrow at 9pm GMT.

I think we should try and meet up at the SL Bookstore, Keswick (co-ordinates 139, 70,35) - we can move on from there later if we feel like it!

Given my current situation, and how I'm supposed to be meeting up with surprise dates for Sophie Dilemma over this Christmas season, I was hoping to find a Christmassy venue in SL - but haven't managed to. So if anybody knows of any great places where we can host a Christmas Party in SL - please let us know!!! Either as comments here, or by email to singlesophieregan@yahoo.co.uk

Please come along tomorrow - would be great to see you and I'll be answering questions about my experiences trying to stay single.. grrrr...


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