Saturday, June 02, 2007

Chapter 37 - Reality Bites!

So it´s nearly all over. I´m tanned and toned, but not necessarily as chilled as I´d have hoped. The Geezer photoshoot is hanging over me like a German tourist´s beer gut and I´m just waiting for the Spanish inquisition from Mum, Jen and Tamsin. I´m surprised to admit that I can´t wait to see Rob! For some reason he personifies a tranquility and balance that I´m lacking in my life, he makes me feel secure and puts all this mess into perspective. Hmmm, wasn´t expecting that!

I´ve had a couple of little weepy moments by the pool, mostly hangover fuelled, but this has made me realise what a brave face I´m putting on everything. I´m pretending that I want to be single, whereas the reality is that I DON´T. I just don´t want to be in a relationship for the sake of it either. It´s all kind of lonely, this singledom lark, but a partnership has to be right too. There has to be balance and security too, doesn´t there?

Anyway, I´ve just emailed this to Delaney...

Relationship Rehab – week 6
The trouble with a one week holiday is that you´re no sooner relaxed and slipped into the vibe of R&R than it´s time to go home. Singles holidays are great if you want guaranteed sex with a suntan. Without the constraints of our at-home identities, our jobs, our day-to-day lives, funny Jimmy from Scunthorpe looks like a great catch! And then you talk to his mates and realise that he´s been unemployed for nearly 2 years and lives at home with his Mum! Not exactly a match made in heaven, but this holiday vibe gives us all a new refreshed persona. I hate to be unromantic, but there´s a lot to be said for knowing WHO somebody is and you simply can´t get the measure of people out of their environs. Which is, I suppose, why holiday romances seldom last. We get back to our lives, and the bubble bursts along with the rain clouds.
Still, I´ve not yet found a way to meet a great single guy and there´s still no man that has made me regret CHOOSING to stay single.
Back to UK tomorrow, so expect a longer and much less cynical Relationship Rehab next week!

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