Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's not right - but now I fancy Jack Black??

And I've seen this and HAD to add it. And now I kinda fancy Jack Black - is that scary or OK? Or what?

What do you guys think??

Jack Black singing Kiss from a Rose on American Idol. He's so not fanciable - but kind of really is at the same time!!!

I'd listen to his chat up lines any day.

Might even consider breaking my 'promise' to stay single for him....

And check the guy in the front row with the rose!!!! Anyone shed any light??


Kristin said...

The guy with the rose is Kyle Gass, Jack Black's partner in Tenacious D.

Sophie Regan said...

Oh Kristin - thank you!! I knew he'd be in on it all, but his facial expressions are classic and hilarious.

Waddya reckon on Jack Black???

Is it just me or what?


Kristin said...

Definitely not just you. He's such a fun guy and that's really attractive. I wanted to see him in that romantic comedy "The Holiday" but I missed it in theaters.

Sophie Regan said...

Kristin - I was just thinking about that film today. I really wanted to see him in that too - Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet also in it??

And I agree with you - the fact that he is fun is so attractive too. There's nothing worse than a great looking guy with zilch personality. Never mind 'There's Something About Mary' - it's more like 'There's Something About Jack'!

Who else do you like who isn't immediately physically attractive but has charm/charisma/personality? I had a thing for Paul Weller for a while...