Monday, May 28, 2007

I´m there!!!

OK - so I´m in Gran Canaria on the first day of my singles holiday. There´s loads of groups of guys, playing Snow Patrol from their balconies and slurping bottle of Peroni - so it´s not looking too promising.

I want to send all my readers a postcard - and will still be posting my chapters throughout the week so stay tuned.

Please send me your postal address to and I´d be delighted to send you a card (and a little extra update away from my usual blog postings too...)

Be back with some more tomorrow..

Wish me luck - reckon this is going to be dire... And I can´t stop thinking about Adrian.....



Christy Dena said...

I've sent you my postal address. :)

Chris Meade said...

Wow! This has grown and grown - amazing. Good stuff Alison