Monday, May 14, 2007

Chapter Twenty One

“OK, Regan. I want to talk to you about your television appearance later on today, but there’s other things kicking off now. Firstly, I’ve organised for you to have some space on the Woman To Woman website. It’ll be up and running later this week and will be a place for you to create a sense of community around Staying Single. You can publish the column online there and readers can email you about their experiences in speed dating and meeting the right (or wrong) man.”

“Oh, OK. Sounds like fun.” I want to add – ‘as if I don’t have enough to do, I have to administer a web site as well now’, but I know it would be stupid to speak out. I’m trying to write more compelling copy for Woman To Woman and although I’m enjoying Relationship Rehab, I also want to focus on other features too.

“Secondly, I have some more good news for you. The Paul Ashkuri interview? You got it.”

I beam, “I did?”

“Be there tomorrow, 2pm at the Dorchester. He’ll be there with Summer Lawton. Sky want you there at 6pm – they’re sending a cab to collect you from your home address, so make sure you’re ready. And don’t forget to mention that Woman To Woman are at the leading edge of researching and reporting on the woman of today.”

Honestly – the woman doesn’t miss an opportunity.


As I wait for the taxi I realise that I look better now than I have done for months. The prospects of appearing on the television, coupled with the demands of putting my best side out at the dating events has forced me to lose a few pounds, concentrate on keeping myself groomed and plucked and preened! I’m looking hot! The bikini wax was the start of it and now I can see how women become addicted to visiting the beauty salon. I had a spray tan this afternoon on my way home from work and my confidence has rocketed. Actually, it makes me feel rather sexy…..

Oh, there’s my cab.

Deep breaths.

My first television appearance!

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